How to naturally lower your cholesterol?

Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Perhaps the potential side effects of cholesterol lowering drugs has forced you to  look for a natural approach to lowering cholesterol.  Well,  here are 3 natural ways that may help to lower your cholesterol.

1. Incorporate beta glucans in your diet.  Beta glucans are type of polysaccharides that bind bile acids in the colon and carry it out through the bowels.  Since bile acids are derived from cholesterol in the liver, beta glucans can help to lower cholesterol.  Beta glucans can also stimulate the immune system.                What are sources? Oats – They contain beta glucans and this accounts why oatmeal can help lower cholesterol.  It is not just because of the fiber content.  Other sources include yeast (Saccharomyces cervisiae), and Maitake, Shitake mushrooms.  Beta Glucans are also available as a supplement as 1,3/1,6 Beta Glucan. How much to take? Recommended is about 750 mg of 1,3/1,6 Beta Glucan in a supplement form.  There is also a food form of this.  First there is oats.  But there is a beta glucan derived from oats called NUTRIM which contains a larger amount of beta glucans and is more edible than oatmeal.

Important: Make sure you take Vitamin A, D, E and K as these fat soluble vitamins can possibly be depleted with taking Beta Glucans and eating oats.

2. Incorporate Beta-Sitosterols –in your diet.  These are a type of plant sterols that can also bind bile acids in the intestinal tract working similar to Beta glucans.                      What are sources? Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seeds, Pygeum Africanum  – yes, the same herbs that support men’s prostate health.                                                                               How much to take? About 1 gram of a combined sitosterols with Beta sitosterols  being the majority of sitosterols.  A good brand is Swanson’s Beta sitosterols,                                Important: As with Beta Glucans, make sure you take Vitamin A, D, E and K as  these fat soluble vitamins can possibly be depleted with taking Beta Sitosterols

3. Red Yeast Rice – This is a natural “LovaStatin” like substance.  In fact when the first statin, cholesterol lowering drug  Lovostatin came out, the manufacturers were trying to prevent Red Yeast Rice from being sold as a dietary supplement.  Why is this? Because Red Yeast rice and Lovastatin are made in a similar manner, namely the fermentation of rice with various strains of the yeast Monascus purpureus. And not only was the Red Yeast Rice  just as effective as the Lovastatin but it was cheaper too and it still is.            How does it work? The fermentation product produces a product called Lovasatin which inhibits in the liver the production of cholesterol.  Also the Beta-Sitosterols bind bile acids as mentioned above.

How much to take? 2400 mg of red yeast.  Red Yeast Rice comes in 600 mg capsules.  You would have to take 4 capsules a day.    Also it would be good to take CoQ10 to prevent CoQ10 depletion as is the case with regular Statin drugs.

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About Aroop Banerji N.D., L.Ac

Aroop Banerji N.D.., L.Ac is a naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist. He obtained his bachelor science in Environmental Toxicology from the University of California – Davis. He pursued doctoral education in Naturopathic Medicine and graduate level training in Chinese Medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. He specializes in using dietary supplements, diet therapies, herbal medicines, and acupuncture for chronic health complaints.
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2 Responses to How to naturally lower your cholesterol?

  1. Fancine says:

    I would like to know which is better or should I take both Fish oil and CoQ10? My cardiologist said to take Fish Oil and a homeopathic dr. says that fish oil works against heart problems and CoQ10 is the best. Which is it. I also have high cholesterol but I cannot take statin drugs. I have just about tried everything and now I use Benecol for butter spread and I do eat oats and try to eat foods that are good for lowering cholesterol but it is not as effective as I want it to be below 200. I do not take any cholesterol medicine and I do not take CoQ10.

    I know that I took Lescol and it made my stomach have acid and then my dr. put me on prilosec and I think they are counteracting and now I have this burning head. Can you help me here because I think some dr.s don’t know much about natural supplements to treat problems of the body.

    • Hi Fancine,
      Both supplements are good for the heart. COQ10 supports the heart’s “spark plugs”. It has some positive effects on blood pressure. Fish oil supports healthy blood lipids, blood pressure and acts as a natural blood thinner.

      Regarding further ways to reduce cholesterol levels: you might consider engaging in regular aerobic exercise 3-4 x/week, 30 minutes per day.

      I would need more info to fully help you.

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