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Acupuncture can help Chronic Constipation

Last week I had a 48 year old female come into my office seeking a natural medicine solution for her chronic constipation.  “L” has been constipated for as long as she can remember – since she was 8 -nearly 40 years!!!   … Continue reading

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What are Naturopathic Remedies?

Naturopathic remedies is an umbrella term for a variety of remedies that are natural, non-toxic to the body and promote health.  These remedies include: a.herbal medicine b.nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) therapies d.physical medicine(massage,manipulation, hydrotherapy) e.counseling f.acupuncture g.homeopathy

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How green tea can help with mental stress?

If you feel stress and are looking for a natural remedy to help your body deal wiith this stress, you might consder green tea. Green Tea contains a compound called L-theanine and is considered the “5th” taste which the Japanese … Continue reading

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Why Acupuncture is a great alternative to pharmaceuticals for pain relief?

Many pharmaceutical drugs can provide pain relief.   Despite this, pharmaceutical drugs do cause side effects.  For example, taking too much of aspirin can cause stomch ulcers and taking too much tylenol can cause liver damage.  Vicadin is a heavy duty pain killers and … Continue reading

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